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  Lisa Goldstein


In 1983 Lisa became North Carolina's only legal non-nurse midwife. In the 1990s, she became an RN and then completed the CNEP program for nurse-midwifery, becoming a CNM in 1998.
She is currently retired midwife. Lastly she worked at Bakersville Community Medical Clinic, as well as her own office - The Fern Kingham Memorial Women's Health Center and Birth Apartment.
She attended births at home, the birth apartment and Spruce Pine Community Hospital. She also provided woman health care which included yearly pelvic exams and pap tests. Lisa has also incorporated her knowledge of herbal and homeopathic remedies into her midwifery practice.
She has been attending homebirths since 1958. Her three sons were born at home. She has lived in the western North Carolina mountains since the early 1970s. 

Her history of teaching dates back to 1979! Her history of lectures holds almost 100 major appearances.


Tine Greve   

Tine got her midwifery education in Copenhagen, immediately after graduation she got a job as a midwife at the maternity ward Glostrup Amts sygehus where she worked until the birth of her first child. After her maternity leave the family moved to Norway where she got a job as a midwife at the maternity ward Aker Sykehus. 

Since 1993 and until today she works as a voluntary counselor for breastfeeding in Ammehjelpen (highly appreciated Norwegian Mother-to-Mother support group for breastfeeding counselling). 

From the very beginnings (1997) and up to 2005 Tine actively participated in the first Alternative Birth Care (ABC) projects in Norway and she started the first Norwegian Breastfeeding Clinic at Aker Sykehus.

In 2000 Tine received a certificate of IBLCE, which she renewed in 2005 and 2010. 

Since 2003 and until today she works as a midwife and IBCLC at Norwegian Resource Centre for Breastfeeding where she is, at the national level, in charge of the Resource Centres breastfeeding educational program for midwives, NICU-nurses, nurse assistants, health care visitors etc.  

For over 10 years she has done presentations and workshop all over the world, lecturing on various professional educational events such as the ICM congress , Midwifery Today conferences, congresses Nordic Midwifery , Peroga International Midwifery Skills Conference, etc.


Nastja Pavel midwife 

Irena Čimžar midwife 

Sabina Oblak midwife 

Willma AK birth activist, author, IBC, doula



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