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Porodna Hiša


Slovenia, Laško

What was the impact of the conference in 2011?

"I'm very happy that I attended the first international birth conference in Laško when I was pregnant, because I gained so much important knowledge about birth, knowledge which allowed me to trust myself more during my pregnancy and of course during birth. This is the knowledge that I never received from the official medicine. I liked it that I was able to hear both sides of the story – how an obsetrician, who needs to save children and help them to be born, views birth and how a midwife, who attends births at home or in birth centers views birth. But mostly i lost all fear of childbirth in Laško. I am so grateful that I gained this knowledge, because it led to my second birth being orgasmic and laughing (noesitherapy). I first heard about the lauging birth at this conference.
I am grateful that I'm able to choose for myself what situations and which people I wish to have when giving birth and to do this with wisdom and knowledge about the psychology of birth, which I gained mostly from the foreign midwives, who were present at the conference."

~ mother Mojca Stojkovič

"A new perspective, which I didn't even know existed, shone into a longstanding routine when I attended the first conference in 2011. It awoke in me a strong desire to search and then a desire for changes for the better. I am glad that I had an opportunity to attend that conference and to learn about the other childbirth perspective – the female perspective."
~ Eva Macun, MD, OB-GYN 

dr. Eva Macun lecture at the conference "PrePorod" (ReBirth) in Zagreb (Croatia), 
where she presented the conference 
"Ancient wisdom and modern science childbirth" as the reason for the positive changes in maternity practice of the hospital Jesenice (Slovenia).

Statistics of the nursery Jesenice presented at the conference "PrePorod", Zagreb (2013)



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